• You will receive a "Quick Pack" (Chef's choice order based on your selected points) if an order is not placed online (Unless otherwise specified on or before Thursday at Noon prior to an upcoming delivery). "Quick Packs" (Chef's choice) do not accommodate allergies /dietary restrictions - Please place your specific order online to ensure your needs are met. ​

  • You take full responsibility for any allergies or reactions you may have to the food we provide and it i up to you to review the menu and ingredients list when selecting items to order to ensure there are no issues with allergies or sensitivities you may have.

  • We advise that the food provided should only be consumed up to 7 days after the prepared date. Alternatively, you may decide to freeze it, in which case, you are responsible for determining an appropriate consumption date.

  • As per VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority) standards and regulations you are responsible for storing the food properly at a temperature of no higher than 4 degrees Celsius; and preparing heated meals to a temperature of no less than 74 degrees Celsius as rapidly as possible.

  • A one-time refundable deposit of $30 for containers, jars, and bag, which will be collected on your first bill. This deposit will be refunded should you decide to cancel, provided all containers, jars and bag are accounted for and in the same condition they were provided in. $2 from my deposit will be deducted for every missing or incomplete (no lid) container.

  • You will be billed weekly (Friday's) based on the mount of points you submit or the Quick Pack points selected during your sign-up.

  • It is your responsibility to advise of a cancellation or suspension no later than THURSDAY at NOON prior to an upcoming delivery via the cancellations and suspension tabs on the website or sent via email to wolfmealprep@gmail.com.

  • Due to our ingredient ordering schedule, your order will already be underway as of Thursday afternoon. You will be billed for, and receive, your upcoming order if a cancellation or suspension request is received past THURSDAY at NOON prior to an upcoming week's delivery.

  • Online Ordering is available Monday at Midnight - Thursday at Noon each week prior to a delivery.

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