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  • Q. How do I get started?
    - You will be able to place your order when the online store is open. Store Opens Friday at Noon and Closes Wednesday at 2pm. - You can also place your order on our FACEBOOK page's 'Online Ordering' tab! - Order again at anytime, no obligation to order every week.
  • Q. How do I create and account?
    Click on order now from the home page. On the top right of the page you will see the register button. Fill out the sign up form and submit. Here is a short video on the steps listed above on how to quickly and easily create an account with us as well:
  • Q.How much does it cost?
    - There is an $100 minimum per order from our online store plus $5 delivery. - For $100, you could order approx. 6 dinners - Or, 3 Dinners, 3 Lunches, a few Mix 'n' Match options and/or Breakfasts (although, it will depend on your order, as items vary in price). ​
  • Q.What if I can't reach the minimum order?
    -The beauty of our service is you are not obligated to order each and every week. - We recommend that if you are having difficulty reaching the minimum when trying to shop for one weeks worth of meals, consider ordering a few extra meals that would freeze well that you can save for the following week. -This way you could place an order every other week or whenever you needed to top up again.
  • Q.What if I have allergies or dietary restrictions?
    - Ingredients are listed with each item on our weekly menu. - This gives you the ability to select items free from allergens and within your dietary restrictions.
  • Q.Can I recycle the plastic vacuum seal bags?
    YES! We encourage you to always give them back to us to recycle in our soft plastics recycling which is then turned into bio-fuel. - Please rinse as best as possible and store in a larger bag that can be placed inside your wolf bag and swapped with your new order.
  • Q.Do you offer Macro/Calorie information?
    We will have macro nutrients in the New Year! - All vegetables are 1.5 cups, starches 1 cup and proteins approx. 150gm (weight cooked) - Many clients have developed their own system of working out the calories/macros for themselves if desired. - We also cook with whole foods, use very little amounts of high-grade oil, do not use any refined sugars and all recipes are gluten-free. - The idea is to provide healthy foods without the focus on macros or calories per se.
  • Q.What are your portion sizes?
    We offer multiple options in our store. - Dinners consist of 150gm (weight cooked) Protein | 1 Cup of Starch | 1.5 Cups of Vegetables. - Our Mix 'n' Match Category consists of individually portioned proteins, starches and vegetables. 150gm (weight cooked) Protein | 1 Cup of Starch | 1.5 Cups of Vegetables
  • Q.What if I am not home to collect my order?
    - When you place your first order with us, you will receive an optional "bag at door drop off authorization" form to complete. - Describe a secure location for our delivery driver to leave your bag. - Leave out your bag and containers from the previous order for pick up.
  • Q.How do I heat the food?
    - The food is already cooked, so you will just need to reheat it. OUR MEAL REHEATING RECOMMENDATON: -Mains (in black plastic containers): Cut corner of plastic bag. Place in microwave for 3 min. - Mix 'n' match: Place vaccum sealed bag in simmering water 5-7 min (depending on thickness of meat). - Remove, cut open and serve. - You can stick a toothpick into the thickest part of the food and pull out and place tooth-pick on your lip to gauge temperature. - This method lets the food hold onto the majority of its nutrients. - Our vaccuum sealed bags and black plastic containers are aslo microwave/heat safe. -Rinsed vaccum sealed bags can be returned to us to be recycled with our soft plastics.
  • Q.Can I freeze my meals to eat at a later date?
    - You can freeze meals if desires, but please keep in mind, certain items with a higher water content, such as vegetables, will not thaw and reheat as well.
  • Q.What if I don't want to go online to place my order or miss the ordering window?
    - When you place your first order, you are considered a 'Pay As You Go Customer' and can continue to drop in and out of the store at your conveinence. - NEVER MISS AN ORDER - Receive a "Quick Pack": Chef's choice order when no order is placed online. *Additional perks will be outlined in the invitation email.
  • Q.What if I need to go away or decide to cancel?
    -As a non-member, there us no obligation to order ecery week. Simply place an order whenever you would like to recieve one. - As a member (see question above), you will automatically recieve meals each week. You will be required to advise us of any suspension or a cancellation request in advance. - Deadline for plan cancellation or suspension is WEDNESDAY at 2PM for the upcoming week's delivery.
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