Q. How do I get started?

A. Navigate to the "Sign-up/Plans" tab and select a plan to sign-up. If you require more information please "Contact us." A Wolf representative will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss our plans and details and see if Wolf is the right fit for you. 


Q. How do the points work?

A. All plans start with a minimum 24 points. Each additional point is worth $3.50/point.

Points can be used to use towards any combination of menu items each week.

Every item has a point value:

Dinners:    3-5 points

 Lunches:   2-4 points 

Snacks:     1-2 points

Treats:     1-2 points

For example, if you purchase 24 points you could order approximately:

3 Dinners , 3 Lunches, 2 Snacks and 1 Treat

or you could choose to order

6 dinners, 8 Lunches or 24 Treats

You decide! 

*Ensure you select items based on your household's average weekly consumption;

plans are designed around weekly billing and re-ordering

Your shopping cart will tally your points for you.

 Don't worry, you don't need to do the math! 

Q. What if I have allergies or dietary restrictions?

A. Ingredients are listed in the weekly menu - this gives you the ability to select items free from allergens and within your dietary restrictions. 

For certain items, vegetarians may select the "make vegetarian" option from the dropdown menu.


Membes please note:"Quick Packs" (Chef's choice) do not accommodate allergies /dietary restrictions - please place your specific order online to ensure your needs are met

Q. What if I need to go away or decide to cancel? 

A. Pay as you go plans give you the option to order if and when you want. If you are a member you will need to submit cancellations and suspension requests by using the 

"Suspend" or "Cancel" buttons located under "member ordering" or send via email to wolfmealprep@gmail.com   

Deadline for plan cancellation or suspension is THURSDAY at NOON

for the upcoming week's delivery

Q. Why is there a deadline for suspensions and cancellations? 

A. In order for us to cook fresh for you each week we have to place our ingredient orders with our suppliers by Thursday afternoon. This is why our

DEADLINE for plan cancellation or suspension (members only) is THURSDAY at NOON

for the upcoming week's delivery.

Please note:  Due to the information as outlined above you will be billed for, and receive, your upcoming order if a cancellation or suspension request is received past THURSDAY at NOON prior to an upcoming week's delivery.

Q. What if I don't want to go online to place my order or miss the ordering window?

A. Pay as you go plans will not receive an order when an order in not placed online. Member plans will receive a 

"Quick Pack"

which is a Chef's choice order based on their selected quick pack points selected during sign-up. 

Example: 24 points = 1 Wolf Pack/3 days

You could receive 

3 lunches, 3 dinners,

1 snack & 2 treats

Please note: "Quick Packs" (Chef's choice) do not accommodate allergies /dietary restrictions - please place your specific order online to ensure your needs are met

Q. When can I place my order?

A. You can place your online order every

MONDAY at MIDNIGHT - THURSDAY at NOON for the upcoming week.

Q. What do you mean by no refined sugar?

A. We only use natural sources to sweeten our products, such as pure honey, pure maple syrup, real fruits, & Xyla (natural sweetener)

Q. What do you mean by cow-dairy free?

A. Cow-dairy is a common allergen and food sensitivity for people. Instead, we use products from goats, coconuts, cashews and other nuts as well as other non-cow dairy  sources. 

Q. Can I freeze my meals to eat at a later date?

A. Yes; but please keep in mind certain items with a high water content, such as vegetables, will not thaw and reheat well.

If you're finding you have too much (or too little!) food at the end of the week, you can always select less points on your next order and adjust accordingly.

Q. What do you mean by the menu being subject to change?

A. Because we order fresh ingredients, some products may be unavailable and we may have to change an ingredient last minute. In this case, you will be notified of the change to a product you have ordered in case of any allergy or food sensitiviy.


Q. Do you offer a macro breakdown of meals?

A. We are working with health consultants to offer a macro break down of our menu items. Which should be available by March 2017.

However, we will not be offering customized macro specific diets.